Maelstrompeepswith Titlemed2Maelstrom Cataclysm Raid Team : Drawing by Cataya (Jenny Harder)

We are Maelstrom

Maelstrom is a World of Warcraft Guild which has existed since 2005. We have played through all raids in each expansion and have a variety of members of different experience levels from each expansion.

We seek to progress through new raids in a friendly and fun manner while still maintaining a good progress rate. To this end we require people who are capable of learning tactics and who are prepared to put in effort to make the most of their character. We want players who are looking to become members of a team who work together to fix problems and progress the team in raid instances.

In 2015 once we had cleared Blackrock Foundry HC we started raiding with ANIMA from aeire-peake server. After combining our raiding teams for the successful clear of HFC most of the anima team moved over to sylvanas and joined Maelstrom to continue Mythic Progress.


Maelstrom is a mature, semi-hardcore Alliance raiding guild on Sylvanas EU. We are people having FUN playing the GAME World Of Warcraft. Other guilds would require much much more than Maelstrom currently does although this at a lot of times has been detrimental in our progress. We are filled with empowered member’s who will encourage each other to follow the guild rules and guidelines and contribute to the success and progress of the guild. We expect a high level of respect between our players and between our officers and hope that our membership conducts themselves in a forthright and honest matter with the rest of the Sylvanas community.

We expect people who want to join a guild who progress as a team without receiving boosts by pugging ringers overgeared to our current success level.  If this sounds like the kind of team you want to become part of and succeed with then apply now!.

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